I really believe that people make the difference, and we all need the right people to achieve good results.
My work starts from my eyes, runs through my head, but the result comes out of a team efforts.
There is no need for too many things, but the right ones.

If I should tell what’s behind my working philosophy I would say: “keep it simple, make it great”.


My passion for cars and bikes was the drive to take me in this amazing world of photography.
I started very young and I am already twenty years around in this business.
My experience was at the beginning with editorial, working for motorcycle and car magazines, during the time I was traveling all around the world for seven years on the world motorcycles championship, now known as MotoGP. After I moved to shoot for some of the most important brands in the motorcycle and automotive industry, involved in worldwide press launches, product photo shoot and advertising.
Based in Milan (Italy)

Alessio Barbanti


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  • Ducati Motor Holding >>
  • Kawasaki Motors Europe >>
  • KIA Motors Italy >>
  • KTM Sportmotorcycle AG >>
  • Triumph Motorcycles Limited >>
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